I’m an African woman by Vechi Allen Vechilz

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I’m an African woman, a vivid description of black beauty, intelligence and uniqueness. Soft and tender, sweet forever, hard working and an endless lover,

I’m an African woman, admirer of my African culture.
The flaws, its goodness; I was beautifully crafted for greatness.

I’m an African woman, as strong as lion, and calm sheep,
I am a survivor which life would never skip.

I’m an African woman, the joy of the world that my husband would speak. Forever and ever my stories would stick.

I’m an African woman, too lovely and sweet,
Receptive to nature, as the air I breathe.

I’m an African woman till I die!
I am proud of my race and never shy.


Model: @ShadeTijani
Photo Credit: Victor Temple

Happy #internationalwomensday ❤
Even though it came late here’s a piece of sweet #poetry from me to you 😍

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