10 reasons men always go for bad girls

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Have you ever wondered why the bad girls seem to get all the good guys for themselves while the good ones struggle to keep relationships? Find out here.

Bad girls tend to get all the good guys 


Have you ever wondered why girls who are seen as being bad often end up getting hooked by the good guys? Do you often sit back to wonder what the attraction is that guys prefer to date the whirlwinds instead of the so called nice girls?

Men choose the bad girl instead of the good girl four out of five times. Even though we all know that choosing the good girl is the wise decision, men almost never choose her for various reasons.
And these are some of those reasons.
1. Bad girls are smart
Girls who we all think have a bad toga are often the outgoing ladies who know how to mingle. For them, there is no ‘dulling’ in the real sense of the word.
They are most times beautiful ladies who are fashionable and pull attraction everywhere they step into. They understand that most of the good men out there have careers and could be wealthy.
And to ease off the built up tension of work and other life issues, they pass out time in the clubs and bars. The good girls are hardly found in this kind of setting.
Badgirls easily take the good guys (Pintrest)
2. Force of attraction
Basic knowledge of Physics could be likened to real life situations here. Just like when objects that are electrically neutral with equal amounts of neutrons (negative charge) and protons (positive charge), connect when in close proximity, two individuals with different life styles bond too.
Just as the protons could become negatively charged and the neutrons positively charged, the bad girl and the good guy would influence each other until they reach equilibrium. They become perfect for each other.
 3. Men like the uncertainty
While women are smart enough to want a man who is clearly there to stay, men like to worry about losing their women. They don’t want to be certain they will have the woman forever.
They want to have her for themselves for the rest of eternity, but what they want is to actually the woman.
Men want, as women themselves do, what they can’t have. If they already have her, then they will settle for the thrill of the risk of losing her.
This kind of stuff excites men. Bad girls are never a certain-thing and that is why they catch the interest of so many men.
4. Men love danger
This may sound as an everyday concept but it is true that most men like danger and the fact that these bad girls portray danger excite guys.
They love it so much when they are in a position of danger, though most times, they prefer to look at it from a distance. bad girl have this dangerous streak and this makes them very attractive and guys are very comfortable with this.
Guys love the danger in chasing after bad girl (Pinterest)
5. Experience
Bad girls are often seen as being experienced when it comes to love relationships. They seem to have been everywhere and have heard things that could guide them in their sojourn in life.
They know things the good girls don’t and have first-hand experience of places. They have the ability to place the men who approach them and identify the exceptionally good ones among them.
They know the players and understand the ‘no-time-to-waste-men’. They recognize potentials in the men once they see them and go extra miles to keep the men attracted to them.
6. Sexual satisfaction
Like most good girls who keep their legs closed, some bad girls keep theirs even closer. They taunt the men until they have built up a sexual tension in them.
However, most of the bad girls are wild. They seem to explore always and know how to please their men. They could take men to different pleasurable heights before pushing them over the edge.
They leave the guys in cloud nine at the end of the whole thing. Every guy wants a woman that would drive him wild in bed and give him an unforgettable time. So the bad girl is picked over the good ones here.
Girl who are seen as bad girls are exciting to be with (Pinterest)
7. Men like women they have a difficult time figuring out
Most men like mystery and like ladies who have puzzling identities and they will spend a lifetime trying to read them.
Bad girls are mysterious by nature. They’re secretive and elusive. They’re hard to catch and almost impossible to keep. This may sound stupid but most men like these type of women.
8. Excitement
Bad is exciting. For men, this is quite literally. Men have managed to even incorporate the word ‘bad’ into the everyday language as a synonym for ‘sexy,’ such that saying a lady is bad means she is sexy and attractive.
They find bad sexy because the things they plan on doing to bad women are likewise ‘bad,’ or naughty. Bad is naughty and naughty is sexy.
9. Men are gamblers, risk takers
Sure, some men avoid gambling and taking any risk at all but then, a majority of them like gambling and taking risks at every turn.
So the prospect of getting to know what makes a bad girl tick is one aspect that drives them on edge and they would not rest until they get what they want.
That is the mark of great men who will go to any length to unveil the secret behind the bad girl. The bad girl is like an onion and every layer peeled off reveals a different personality, something that draws men to them.
10. Men don’t like it easy
believe or not, most men do not like women who give in to them easily and see them as even being cheap. In fact, the chase even makes it rather very exciting for them.
Good seems easy to them, while bad seems more like a challenge and men love challenges. They like to see themselves conquerors who can easily walk into an uncharted territory and conquer it.
Bad girls are very hot (Pinterest)
Bad girls may seem like a greater challenge to keep and this turns out to be a very exciting experience for men. They want to win her at all cost and can go out of their way, in fact, do anything to conquer and keep her.
To hold on to them, you constantly have to prove your value. You constantly have to put in as much as you take out.


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