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And the trend continues

I’ll be continuing today though, the trends are just popping up in my head.

  1. flowerflowercrownjkMy sixth will have to be the snapchat flower crown filter. Basically, it makes everyone 10 times hotter than they really are and who doesn’t need that in their life? Anyone who is filter-shaming is such a hater. I really love this filter as it makes you have a totally clear skin. Even a pimple factory like moi can look like snow-white.
  2. bombkkMy next trend would be bomber jackets. Everyone wants to wear a bomber jacket. The moms are wearing, the boys, the girls and even the daddies. Like you guys should take a lil chill pill while the young ones rock the style at least. It just has a way of turning everyone around. It has a factor I would like to call “DOPERISING” it just makes everyone dope or legit in a very one kind way. Every soul looks good in it.
  3. Of course people, do not think I forgot. I would never leave out the best thing I love wearing. CROP TOPS are the number one thing in my wardrobe. You can make them out of anything. From Ankara to Denim and even Aztec print it doesn’t end there the list goes on and on. Everyone looks…okay! That would be very wrong. Not everyone looks good on it. I don’t mean to be rude , but seriously if the tummy is juggly do not and i repeat DO NOT! WEAR THIS PIECE OF CLOTHING. Once i have spoken, a million times you’ll refuse to listen. What little Sally will see while typing you will never see in the mirror. Just abstain from it IMMEDIATELY. Obedience is better than embarrassment.hhpics
  4. imagesAnother very good trend is the ripped jeans. This is another trend that is very good,but a lot of people yet again misuse it. You see a very outspread person who cannot conceal any flab and then you see the thighs in the rips looking like a hamburger with the ham coming out on all sides. Okay forget size, weight, whatever. Some rips are just very irritating. Like off-the-charts DISGUSTING. No!No!No! Why should you rip from your knees to your waist? It’s not even like you use fabric or frays to cover it. You just cut out the whole fabric. Pity the sane ones like us who want to preserve little dignity of our eyes. It’s alright. You wear badly ripped clothes and call yourself a mentally ok person, WEHDONE SIR/MA!eew
  5. Then of course the black ovo 12. I mean I don’t have one, but it just feels so good to see it on the feet of some boys and some very tomboyish girls. Generally it feels good, too too good.ovo
    To everyone please wear what is right for your size, weight, complexion, age, height, etc. Basically look good and do you. But if “YOU” is not good enough, just try and be part of HOW DO I LOOK so you’ll transform. Okay people thanks for reading.
    Sally Out!!!!

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