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Baby monkey breakss into a goat farm and picks its new mother (Photos)

Baby monkey breakss into a goat farm and picks its new mother (Photos)

A baby monkey which was separated from its parents has reportedly picked its new mother from a flock of goats.

The little monkey is from Jiangxi Province of China. He latches onto the back of its new found parent; a black nanny goat, following her wherever she goes.

The owner of the Farm, Zhong Shu, said that the monkey sneaked into his farm six days ago and had treated the goat herd as its home. Zhong, who runs the goat farm at Huangtian Village in Tonggu County, said that he found the monkey while tending to his goats on November 12.

‘When I found it, the monkey was lying prone on a piece of wood. Then, when it saw me, it ran back and forth, as if it was scared of me.’

The monkey, which weighed about 3kg (6.6 pounds), then started to cling to the back of different goats ‘in order to feel safe’,  and when fed with bananas, it would refuse to eat, still holding onto its goat mother tightly, he said.

Zhong said the monkey had formed a bond with one particular nanny goat. The two spend all time together, from foraging during the day to sleeping at night.

After hearing the news, a staff from the Tonggu County Wildlife Protection Station in China, said they would transfer the monkey back to a zoo in the nearby city of Yichun, and will be sent back to nature when it grows a bit older.

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