Beauty Tip Of The Day: 3 Mascara mistakes to stop making

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Although mascara use is common there are mistakes ladies especially make that doesn’t give the desired effect or shorten its use.

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Mascaras are gold! They can play up the eyes in any way desirable.

Mascara is used to achieve volume and length on the lashes even without falsies (false eyelashes). They are makeup must haves.
Mascara is preferably owned for everyday wear in black and other colours for more bolder looks.
Although mascara use is common there are mistakes ladies especially make that don’t give the desired effect or shorten its use.
Mascara Never pump the wand into the mascara tube
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1. Applying too many coats
Coating the lashes over and over in mascara doesn’t necessarily mean the effect will be 10x better, it just ends up getting the lashes clumpy. The more you coat the lashes with products, the more artificial it looks and the whole essence of wearing a mascara is to add volume and length as natural looking as possible.
It works better to get the type of mascara for the desired effect e.g  a lash lengthening mascara to lengthen lashes, voluminizing to add volume to the lashes and so on but never coat the lashes over and over, that’s just tacky.
2. Pumping the wand
Pumping the wand into the mascara container is a big NO. Almost every lady makes this mistake thinking they are digging in to scoop products where really they just keep pumping air into the bottle.
When you pump the mascara wand to get more of the product, you are introducing air into the tube which slowly dries out your mascara/thickens it making it clumpy and when you apply this to the lashes they flake off in bits and pieces from your lashes which is just gross!
If you want a second coat, dip in the wand once to get more product.
Dior Show Dior Show Mascara
3. Not changing mascara often
Mascara should be changed after every three months! This is to make sure germs are not transferred back and forth.
Studies show that after three months, there is a possibility that bacteria will grow on the wand and inside and of course inside the tube, when this is used back and forth infections can happen as well as itchy or red eyes.
As with anything that gets close to the eyes, make sure mascara are replaced every three months.


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