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Kenya case study 3Its 7am already and my family has gathered at the pallor for the morning devotion, staring at each other, we await who would lead us in our continues daily request prayers.

My dad is getting older now, and he had been forcefully retired from the civil service, 13 months after the new government came into power, my mom has lost her job long ago too, but luckily for her she just got employed in a petit Nursery and primary school as a cleaner.
My younger brother and I just passed our exams and have been admitted to study law and medicine respectively in the higher institution, the chances of forwarding our education is very minimal due to our low income, my mom’s salary was 1,500  naira a month and my dad earned nothing since he wasn’t working.
My younger brother and I hawked pure water in other to earn a living, we took daily fasting as breakfast and lunch, Crazy rags were our Luis viton and Versace, washed jeans were our blue jeans, we used to leave in a conducive apartment, before the coming in of the new governmental administration.
Now  every thing has changed, our PHCN TARIFF plan has increased, Just as our house rent Increased too, We’ve automatically turned into debtors Living with out any hope of paying our debts in life, the only hope we had was our pure water hulking business which has failed due to the increase in price too.
Most times I wonder why life has to be this unfair to I and my family.
We’ve Virtually lost everything except life, even our relatives has rejected us, even the earth has cursed us, we are now houseless, hopeless and even faithless.
I’m Victor Daniel , I don’t know if I’m dreaming, but I’m still searching for a greener pasture on this unknown but known  desert governed by scorpions.

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