Continuation of chapter 1

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“The good times of today become the sad thoughts of tomorrow”
~ Bob Marley


“Mira, get into your room, please”,mom politely asked, her eyes literally begging me to do as she bade. I didn’t realize then, why she didn’t want me in the room. I heard muffled screams, I just thought the screams were products of one of her multiple sex sessions with Gregory.. ah, Gregory. That beast, he ruined mom, he ruined me and my love…


Gregory, was, my dad. If you looked up the definition of perfect dad in the dictionary, you’d see his dimpled face right beneath it. Dad was a topnotch lawyer. We lived in Hampton, Virginia. He was fudging rich, no, wealthy. Being his first, and only, child,(or so I thought), I was the heiress to all his fortune. Though Dad, as I called him then, had work, he always had time for mom and I. Mom had a delicatessen, and a patisserie, downtown. She ran it with so much zeal and vigor. After Dad, and I, the deli and pati came next. After school, mom’d come pick me, take me to the patisserie, where I’d have lunch, courtesy of our finest chef, Chef Boudoir. He always made these cake puffs with dusted flour. They were New Orleans Mardi Gras traditionals. I’d eat them with so much relish, they were the best. Dad always came to meet mom and I at the pati. Then we’d take a walk to the park. He taught me how to titter-totter, he always pushed me on the swings. He always got ice cream for mom and I. Then, whenever we get home. He’d play our jam, Dance with my father by Luther Vandross. He’d waltz through the sitting room with mom on his arm, then mom and I would switch places. We’d laugh, and play, jumping and throwing cushions at each other. Dad always helped with my homework, cos mom was always busy at the pati. He never liked me having a babysitter. His theory was- ‘She’s my child, and she’s my responsibility’. You know this feeling of safety that no superhero or police officer could give, well my daddy could. He was a total blend of Thor(looks and strength), Iron Man(money and brains), Johnny Drop(corny jokes) and Leonardo DiCaprio ( I don’t know why but I just love him). Well tonight the patisserie was filled with people so mummy wasn’t home. Daddy got home earlier than usual. ” Daddy, I’m hungry” I whined. “I wouldn’t be if mum…”I continued till he cut me midway. “Ok! Baby, what do you say if we go to Chaumont?”. I smiled at him “I’d like that”. “Ok then. Why don’t you go put on your shoes while I call mum and ask  if she’d want something”. I nodded heading to my room and slipping my legs in my shoes. By the time I was down my dad was prepared and waiting for me by the stairs.
We drove to the café singing along to the music on the radio. When we arrived we took a seat and ordered our desserts. After eating and talking we ordered a lemon cake for mum, dad paid for everything, and we were off home.
“Time to do your homework” Dad said. I grumbled but still went up stairs to grab my book bag. I got my books out, spread them on the coffee table, and sat down on the carpeted floor beside dad.
After an hour of homework, we were finally done. I checked the time and saw it was 7.
“Dad ‘m tired” I said yawing. “OK love. You can go up, have a bath, and go to bed early if you like”. I packed up my books and ran to my room. Yes, I am tired but no, I’m not going to sleep. I’ll wait for mum to get home. With that in mind, I take a bath and change to my pajamas. I grab a book ; the fault in our stars, and begin to read.

3 hours later I’m reading the last page of the book when I hear the front door open. I rush down stairs but stop when I see my dad walk up to my mum taking her bags from her, and stare at them in awe “Honey, you didn’t have to wait up” mum said.
“Hey sweetie” my dad smiled,  pecking her lips, and dropping her things on the sofa. “I didn’t have to but I wanted to” he continued. My mum smiled at him “I love you” she said wrapping her arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around her waist, and pecked her lips. “Love you too”. I would love to have a marriage like this when I grow up. With so much love, sometimes you’d wonder if it’s real. The look in their eyes when they stare at each other is enough to have people cooing at them. They never had an argument, and just fit perfec-
“Mira dear, what are you doing up? ” I heard my mums voice disturb my thoughts. “Was waiting for you” I said walking up to them.
” I thought you went to bed 3 hours ago” dad continued. “Was reading a book. How was work mum? ”
“Really stressful. The delicatessen is having so many costumers these days. It’s great but also stressful”
“Time for you to get to bed” Dad said. “Yeah” I agree “I’m really tired”. The both followed me up my room and tucked me in my bed, waiting for me to fall asleep before they left.

It continued like that for about a week. Dad getting home early, we get lunch, he helps me with homework, tucks me in, then mum comes later on, and they do their lovey dove stuff. It was all good, till one night when I didn’t feel like going to bed so I decided to wait for mum. I snuck to the kitchen without my dad hearing me a few minutes before ten to get a late night snack. I opened a drawer silently and got out a container of Pringles. Hot and Spicy, my favorite. I removed the lid, tore of the seal and began munching. I was halfway into it when I heard the front door open. Mums back. I got down the island
“Hi honey” I heard my mum say. “You’re late again” my dad said. I stopped my journey to the living room and decided to listen. Just to be clear, this is not eavesdropping. They’re my parents, I need to know, and I won’t if I come out cause they’ll stop. This could be their first argument. “Yeah, the deli and pati is really getting popular and busy”. “Busy enough that you come home late everyday leaving your husband and child home till late at night”. Dad replied.
“You make it sound like it’s my fault”

“Well how is it not your fault. You’re the one in charge, which means you can delegate responsibilities to you’re subordinates”

“I can’t just leave. Some customers request to see the chef behind it all. I can’t be at home while that is happening. People might think I’m not serious because I’m not there”

“So your place of work is more important than your family. You do realize that I’m going to start going on business trips very soon. Which means you’re going to leave Mira home alone till 10pm? ”

“Then get a nanny. We have the money”

“She’s my daughter, and my responsibility. Yours too. You’re really comfortable leaving her in the hands of someone you don’t know” my dads voice was getting a bit loud

“That’s what interviews are for. To find  find someone we can trust. Now that I’m working more, bad you’ll be traveling we need a nanny”

“You’ve never mentioned a nanny before. I’m starting to wonder if it’s really that place you come from late at night”. Dad thinks mums cheating. What if he’s right?

“What are you insinuating? ” Mum shouted “that I’m cheating! ”

“Reduce your voice you’ll wake Mira”

“Let her wake up and hear that her dad thinks I am cheating. How dare you? After so many years of marriage you doubt my faithfulness cause of-” I totally forgot I was holding the container of Pringles so I lost my grip on it. Mum stopped talking when it hit the floor making noise.

“Mira? ” I heard dad say. I decided not to move, but they did cause I heard footsteps coming closer. “Late night snack” I said when they got in front of me.

“Did you -” my dad began but I cut him short. “Mum are you cheating? ” I asked. My mum glared at my dad then looked at me “of course not honey”.

“But dad said -“. “Daddy’s just stressed out honey. He didn’t mean what he said”. I looked at my dad for an answer. “Mummy’s right. I’m just stressed I didn’t mean anything”

“You guys were arguing”. “All couples argue” mum said. “Not you guys”. “That just makes us normal” Dad said.

“Are you guys going to break up? ” I asked to be sure. “No” they bother said. “We’re together forever” mum said. “Promise? “. ” Promise” they both said.  “Bedtime” dad said. They both took me to my room and tucked me in my bed.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine” mum whisper sang. “You make me happy when skies are grey” dad joined in. “You’ll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away”. I smiled and slowly drifted to sleep. “Mira? ” mum said. I grumbled in response. “Would you like to have a younger brother? “. I thought for a while. Would I want one?

“No. I’m happy like this” I replied sleep etched in my voice.

“Ok hun. We love you” dad said. “Love you too” I replied. I heard my door close as I drifted off to sleep hoping they never argue again and things go back to normal.


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