Don’t know which eyebrow shape is perfect for your face? Try this

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Much like getting a wrong haircut, drawing the wrong brow shape for your face can distort your look. Here’s a simple guide to drawing the right eyebrow.




If your eyebrows are wrongly groomed/drawn, you can be sure to have one of those “something’s not right about her face” kind of look.

Much like making a wrong kind of hairstyle, when your eyebrows take a different shape or direction, it takes its toll on your face and you definitely don’t want that for your face.
Grooming and drawing the right kind of brows doesn’t only help you look good, but feel confident as well. So, thanks to eyebrow specialist, Kelley Baker, who shares some tips and advice to find the right brow for your specific face shape, you will be rocking your perfect match in no time.
So, if you’ve been grooming your brows wrongly. Good news, you no longer have to. And if you’ve been doing it correctly, you’re about to get better.

1. Round shaped face


Chrissy Teigen (Marie Claire)


if you have a round face, a high, sharp arch will provide a vertical point on your face while lifting everything upwards rather than outwards. Baker says, “I like to try to give someone with a round shaped face an arch in their brow so that it gives the brow a lift, which adds more definition to their face.”
So when filling in, start at your arch and make it slightly darker than the rest of your brow. And groom your hairs so that they point upwards that way, your face will be elongated.

2. Oval shaped face


Rihanna (Pop Crush)


For oval shaped faces, an angled brow which is a little softer is ideal for your face type.

3. Square shaped face

Gabrielle Union (Vibe)



If you’ve got a sharp, defined angles like that of a square kind of face, go for an angled brow. Angled brow balances out a square face, “For a square-shaped face, it’s good to soften the brows by making them appear more round,” Baker says.

4. Long face

Zoe Saldana (Huffpost) 


If your face is twice as the length of its width, you don’t want to make it appear longer than it is already. So, try a flat brow to balance out your features.
“A brow with an elongated tail helps balance out the features of a long-shaped face,” Baker suggests.

5. Heart shaped face


Meagan Good (Brown star)



Because the focus of a heart shape is already on your eyes and forehead, you don’t want to go all heavy. Keep things simple with a straight or rounded brow.
“A rounded or low-arched brow pairs perfectly. The curve of the brow creates a heart look, which flows with the face,” Baker says.

6. Diamond shaped face


  Kerry Washington (Huffpost) 


If your hairline is more narrow than your cheeks with your jaw slightly pointed, then you know you have a diamond shaped face and well-curved brow will be ideal for you.
“A curved or rounded brow shape will help make the widest part of the face look less wide, which balances out all the facial features,”


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