Fans Blast Singer Tekno For Poor Performance In Nairobi, Kenya

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Kenyans on Social media are seriously venting their anger at Singer, Tekno Miles.

As understood by their tweets, The Slim daddy had gave a horrible performance at a paid show in the Countries capital, Nairobi.

Nigerian singer Tekno Miles is catching major flak on social media as Kenyans on Twitter are roasting over allegations that he gave a horrible performance at a paid show yesterday in Nairobi.

Reports claim the concert was riddled with technical and security failures. 

Tekno’s 28-minute performance was Rated as complete crap although the singer had an alternative version of how everything we

On social media, popular Kenyan DJ, Creme De La Creme, said the Nigerian singer arrived the event unprepared, was not in sync with the band and turned around to blame him, the DJ, for his failure..

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