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So you probably think you’ve won,
but I’d like to tell you you’re wrong.
I honestly thought I was your obsession,
but you blurted me out like I was an ordinary confession
I’m thinking, is this the one, my
‘Mr. Right’,
I guess not, cause you’re clearly a monster that causes fright.
Ever heard, sticks and stones may break my bones,
right now I don’t need sticks or stones only your evil tones.
My heart was ripped out by you,
cause you were the first and only willing to woo.
You have two personalities in your man,
you’re like Clark Kent and Superman
But all these things I didn’t say,
Are really hurting my brain.
I’m up now and you’re outta my brain like trash,
come and take it all, your clothes shoes and cash.
I thought I’d need some morphine to take out the pain,
but memories of you have been wiped out like sand under rain.
I’m a stronger me now,
I don’t need you to make my life funny, I can afford a clown.
Tears out of my eyes,
Time to put on some make-up to look like a surprise.
Just know this okay,
You’d wish to relive this day.

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