Hushpuppi replies Mr Ye, proves that he was indeed in the VIP section of the Event

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Hushpuppi has replied Mr. Ye, the self-acclaimed Big Boy, who called him out after he claimed Hushpuppi sat at the regular section of an event. If you missed the call out, [Read the FULL Details Here ] to fully understand.

Read His rants below;

“I tell you something Mr whatever you call yourself, there’s enough space for everyone to do their thing without telling lies about other people to make yourself feel good or equal to me. You see why I don’t fuck with you boys that dubai is your “abroad”. Smh”.”

“I said “regular spot” meaning place me or a typical Nigerian often be, not where I’m sitting. I see you so happy seeing you came to the same place as me. You couldn’t wait to tell the world but cos I curved you and didn’t recognize your existence you decided to lie”.

I know how bad it makes you feel alive to have my name in your mouth, I pick not to respond to you cos you are in the category of the people who don’t deserve my response. If you want people to see you as HushPuppi’s superior, oya you are my boss, Happy Now?

“Funny thing is, this analysis of my post and what I write is coming from someone who I have BLOCKED several months ago, why you stalking me? Why you and your niggas talking about me? You a fan, leave me alone ooo, make una beg am o, this is beyond obsession smh”

That dude’s one eye must have made him think that place is some sort of VIP section. Dude leave throwing shade at people who don’t acknowledge your existence and go and represent Nigeria in disabled sports.”

Hushpuppi didn’t stop the rant there, he also went on to share a video asking the waiters at the events if there’s is some sort of “special spot” or “regular spot”, and they replied, “Everyone is VIP here”

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