“I knew my son would die one day” – Mother of notorious robber speaks following his death

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The mother of whose son, a notorious robber was killed has opened on his criminal lifestyle which reportedly led to his death.

The 21-year-old man identified as Lelethu Manini from Cape Town, South Africa, who robbed people, was killed last Sunday. His family suspects a robbery went wrong or that his friends were involved.

The mother of the deceased, Funeka Manini, who revealed she’s relived following her son’s death, said:

“It is only right to feel bad about what has happened because he was my son. I never wanted him to be a skollie (hoodlum) but I knew something like this would happen some time because of the life he was living.

“He was shot this year but continued to do bad things.”


Funeka was at church when her family came to fetch her. She immediately knew something bad had happened to her son.

“My gut told me my son was dead because the past few days were tough. “We haven’t been able to sleep because of his friends. “I was living in fear because the drugs he was using controlled him so he would sell everything he could find in the house.”

Anathi Nkampule (46) said residents are happy.

“Some would say we don’t have hearts but these kids are terrorising us and taking what we have worked hard for, just for drugs.”

He said they feel for Funeka because she never sent her son to steal from people.

“We know he sold her belongings when he wanted tik. God took him, which is good for all of us. May he rest in peace since we are also going to have peace now.”

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