“I Would Love To MarryA Man Who Likes Sex”— Linda Ikeji

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Famous Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji , needs

no introduction because she has already

made a name for herself in her chosen

choice of trade .

The ace blogger who has diligently put in a

decade of her lifetime into the now

proliferated trade of blogging , recently

decided to discuss the things she requires in

a man she would love to marry .

According to Linda, any man who would

finally claim her heart and eventually take

her to the altar must be dexterous and

highly skillful at the things of the inner


When asked if she has been getting

proposals from suitors as well as what she

requires in a man she would love to marry,

she dropped some interesting points .

“ I ’ m getting quite a lot of

proposals . You know people say

when a woman is successful ,

men run away, it ’s a lie, that is

when they chase you the more .

But unfortunately , I haven ’t seen

what I ’ m looking for. To be

honest , I keep telling people , it’ s

not like men are scarce, it’ s the

type of man some of us are

looking for that is scarce, if I

want to marry next year I can , but

he would not be the kind of man

I want .

I want a man that I can look up

to , someone that inspires me ,

someone that would push me ,

someone that would motivate me ,

somebody that has had some

success in his own career path,

then I can look up to him and be

like “ wow ” , a man that teaches

me and I can learn from. I’ m

inspired by successful people ,

someone like Tyler Perry , I can ’t

wait to meet him.

I can ’ t marry a poor guy , I’ m

being honest about it , no I can ’ t ,

he doesn ’t have to be very rich

but let him be successful in his

own way. You may come across

some successful men but there

is something wrong there , so the

whole package is what I’ m

looking for.

When I was like 30- years old, my

standards were very high,

extremely high, but I wasn ’ t

looking at marrying , I was just

focused on work because I’ ve

always been so ambitious that I

wasn ’ t focusing on marriage or

kids . I felt like I should just do

what I wanted to do. It was just

recently that I began to think

about marriage , and to be honest,

my requirements are only three

now .

He must be successful , he must

be a good man , in the sense that

he must be supportive of me , if

he tries to stifle me then I’ m out.

Lastly , he has to be a man that

likes sex and must be very good

at it” , she stated .

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