Man narrates how he escaped from organ harvesters in Abuja (Photos)

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A man identified as Omoghene Idowu has taken to his Facebook page to write a testimony on how he escaped from organ harvesters in Abuja.

According to him, he was picked up on his way home from work and right there in the vehicle, the assailants began to operate on him with their knives.

But he was eventually freed when confusion entered into their midst as one of them pointed out that he was not the kind of human they needed.
He was eventually thrown out of the moving vehicle, only to find himself at the hospital 4 days later, in critical condition.

Read his story below:

People of God please join me celebrate this prayer answering God 10th of November could have been my last day on earth it all started 4 days after I was discharged from fidelity Medical Center apo where I was treated of tyford and malaria.

4 days after I was discharged I went to my office at lugbe on my way back at about 8:15pm at voice of Nigeria junction lugbe where I was waiting to get a cab to galadimawa because I was heading back to Apo by my side was a young girl I can better describe as teenager not long enough a cab came and the lady entered there ask me where I was going I told them and ask me to enter and we started the trip.
There where 4 men in the car 2 at the front 2 at the back before we entered like 2 minutes latter the man at the front brought out knife and the Two at the back brought guns so I closed my eyes immediately thinking all there wanted was just my phone and other valueable.

So there laugh and said no I should open my eyes that I should look them very well because I can never live too tell the story the one at the front opend the pigin hole and brought out a very slim dagger amoungs others and then gave it to the one at the back and immediately all of them started wearing gloves like medical doctor that’s about to carry out operation and immediately he held my head and put the dagger inside my left ear.

And as I couldn’t help my self I started praying even when I couldn’t lift hands anymore there ask me too keep quite but I persisted and the other one stabbed me heavily at the back twice so thy started taking of my clothes and immediately the lady who was among them started shouting that this is not the kind of person we want and even since there wanted killing me there should not have suffered me too much before killing me so for that thy should lemme go.
Then I was only hearing Dia voices very low so immediately the driver said that a car is coming that they should throw me out the other ones insisted they must collect the parts needed before throwing me out of the car and there a whole lot of confusion in Dia midsed my brothers and sisters then blood was already like water and I could no longer hear anything again before I could know what happened was 4 days after I woke up seeing my self in the theater at FEDERAL MEDICAL CENTER JABI.

The doctors said my possibilities of survival was slim when the police men brought me and I will be needing a brain surgery…….i don’t know how but God just did it for me he’s a miracle working God this story will not be complete without thanking the people that God used to saved my first I wanna thank the #Nigerian police Force, #Apostle Jeremiah One, #Ugwu Harrison Oyenkachi, #Stephen odo splendor, And my lovely brothers, God bless you all In Jesus name…..

My advice: end time is near live right be prayerful and please don’t keep late night….. And my prayers for everyone you and your family will suffer no lost of life this year and in many more years to come in Jesus name…

Happy survival to me.

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