Modric: FIFA Does Not Care About Players

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Croatia star, Luka Modric has stated

FIFA does not care about players, after

they were made to play Kosovo over two

days. A match they won 1-0.

The match was abandoned after 22

minutes of play, due to a downpour that

rendered the pitch unplayable on


A day later, the sides met and it took

Croatia 74 minutes to find a goal, after

raining attacks on Kosovo.

Croatia are currently top of the table and

will have to face Turkey in two days. And

Modric delivered a furious account of

how the game was restarted.

He told reporters: “Last night we got

information the match will not be played.

Of course, you go to bed a little later and

then in the morning they woke us all up

like they would in the army!

“Of course, we didn’t have good

preparation for the match.

“FIFA showed they don’t care about the

players, the only thing that mattered to

them was the match to be played.

“On Saturday, it was hard to play at that

pitch but no one seemed to care. If they

did care, they would have postponed the

Turkey – Croatia game to Wednesday.

“On Saturday, I didn’t want to play

further and the referee told me he was

against it from the beginning. During

those 20 minutes, there were more

situations for funniest home video than

serious football!”

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