Nigerian big boy calls out Hushpuppi, for lying he was at VIP section of an Event

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A Nigerian Man, Mr. Ye, a self-acclaimed Big Boy of course, has just called out Hushpuppi for lying about his seating position at an event they both attended.

The Malaysian-Based Nigerian big boy had earlier shared a snapshot from an “expensive event”, and insinuated that he was at the VVIP section of the Event.

He took to his snapchat to write; “In a league of my own!!! Not your regular spot” .

Funny enough, another Nigerian Big Boy, who was also at the Event, and claims to be at the VVIP section, shared a snapshot from the event, and called out Hushpuppi for lying to be at the VVIP section.

Now, it’s worthy to note, that the difference between Hushpuppi’s Snapshot, and Mr. Ye’s is Distance… Mr. Ye’s snapshot is really closer to the stage, while Hush’s is quite far.

Mr. Ye wrote on snapchat: “Our MCM says in the league of his own’ but he’s somewhere down there at the regular and i’m here VVIP… Tell him to do this close shot. If he wouldn’t have to walk some miles. I just hate fake people doing everything for the gram!!!”

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