Presidency Blast Ohaneze Over IPOB And Buhari’s Independence Speech

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Garba Shehu, spokesperson to President Muhammadu Buhari, has condemned Ohanaeze Ndigbo’s criticisms of President Buhari’s Independence Day speech.
Shehu, in a statement on Monday, maintained that it was unfair for the group to blame the recent unrest in the southeast region on the federal government.
“President Buhari was not abdicating his responsibilities. He didn’t request any political leader to do anything seminal or out of the box.
“All he says is, talk to your out-of-the-line-youth so that we have some peace. Igbo leaders need not to be on the defensive for the misbehaviour of the IPOB which they rightly condemned,” he said.
Shehu stated that the President was simply saying that the regional leaders also had a role to play in keeping their hot-headed youth in check.
“President Buhari was simply calling out the regional leaders to their responsibilities, making them aware of the crucial role they can play.
“This should not be seen as an attack on the Ohaneze or on any other regional leaders.”
Shehu also reacted to other criticisms of the President’s speech, particularly the declaration that all matters of restructuring or constitutional amendment are the business of the National Assembly.
“It beats our imagination that men claiming to be democrats or having democratic credentials are asking the government to ignore an elected parliament in preference to a committee made up of presidential appointees to debate and resolve constitutional issues.
“You are either for democracy or for its opposite. For us in this government, democracy is the country’s chosen system of government and we are determined to deepen and uphold it.

“Democracy may be slow and chaotic, but it remains the best system of government the world has got so far.
“We inherited a country in tatters- its economy, its security and its social relations. President Buhari deserves credit for rebuilding what has been destroyed.
“If anyone thinks this a failure, let them talk to those millions of farmers we have empowered to create riches for themselves and the nation, for whom fertilizer is available everywhere at the regulated price of N5,500 instead of N13,800, a year ago.
“Let them ask the manufacturers and importers of goods who bought the Dollar at N525:00 and are happy that it is down to N360:00 and still improving.
“Let them go back and read the accomplishments highlighted in the speech, to see the advancements in security, agriculture, the ease of doing business and anti-corruption, to mention a few,’’ he stressed.

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