Pulse Editor Osagie Alonge Blast M.I in His Presence, Says His Music is Fu*king Wack

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Chocolate City boss and rapper M.I Abaga has

come under heavy bashing from Pulse NG. It

all started when M.I took to Twitter to slam a

journalist at Pulse named Ayomide Tayo after

he wrote an article about his career.

M.I felt he should head over to their office to

trash out the matter at hand went there with

Chocolate City Vice-President, Loose Kaynon

to discuss the issue with their editor and

music critic, Osagie Alongie on a podcast

called Loose Talk.

During the interview Osagie went loose and

started attacking M.I in his presence

saying his recent album was wack, his

artistes buy Youtube views and he has “ bloody

mother-f**king yes men around him that can’t

tell him the truth” .

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