RS Comedians Beats RS Bloggers 3-1 In A Friendly Football Match

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The social media has been set ablazed with the just concluded football match between Rivers State Comedians and Rivers State Bloggers. Before the match, RS Bloggers went everywhere bragging about how they were going to disgraced the comedians who brought the friendly match to them. RS Comedians were so scared that a lot of them started claiming to have injury so as not to be part of the disgraced due to their former experiences with RS Nigerian Police that trashed them 6-0.

On the 27th of September, 2017 will forever be an history that RS Bloggers will never forget in a hurry. The football match was played at Igboukwu Field in Dline of Ph with a lot of dignitaries in attendance. The likes of Hon Kelechi Nworgu, house of assembly member representing Omuma Constituency, The DPO of Olu-Obasanjo Police Division, KO Baba (Founder Talkaholic Empire), Angel D Laff (Police Ambassador, Founder PH Comedy Club) and some OAPs who came to broadcast the match live (Radios and TVs)

Though it was widely rumoured that the Comedians bought some players and that may not be unconnected to the reason why the Hon House of Assembly member, Hon Kelechi Nworgu promised to call back the match soon.

Some of the players from the comedians are as follows.

1) Dr Virus

2) Mummy’s Pet (Goal Keeper)

3) Warri Bros

4) Akpan Okon

5) Ambassador Induz

6) Oct 1

7) Pastor Talking Drum

8) Holy Shrine


Some of the players from the bloggers are as follows:


2) (Goal Keeper)










Photos from the football mach:


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