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evil-girl.jpgTHE DEVIL
She doesn’t even care
about your conversations
More all else your introductions

She’s been fused by make up and break ups
She doesn’t even care
about your hello,
She sees you like a pest
Ironically your are, but the best
She feels to classy and bossy
Your HI’s spends years on her DM
Waiting for her hello.
You become yello
Every where she goes
Like MTN you stare
You wonder about your emotions and feelings
She fizzles of your words with her mighty Snub sword and bossy chillings
She doesn’t even act lack a human.
She kills you emotionally and
treats you like a shoe man
She feels insecure, by your unending affections
And tenderness;
Surrendering to your affection she did
And becomes vulnerable.
You vandalize her fire wall and
left her in a dismayed Position
Now you feel like a king,
After pleasing your evil desires
Pain and regrets was all her heart acquires
You move on with an unknown curse
From you evil, when you lack prosperity
Don’t call the devil, because you are evil
than the devil.

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