The Sun Has Paled And Gone Away

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You promised you’d be there,

Whenever I needed you.

Right now I’m waiting here,

You’ve passed out,

And now there’s a famine.

The whole land is enslaved by drought,

And people are slowly dying.

Dark and scary are the days,

Because you have left.

We have come to a phase,

Where shadows are involved in thefts.

We cry to the sky,

Where is our illuminator?

We ask ourselves “WHY?”

Of his absence are we the orators.

Fuming cars, piping industries,

Empty river banks, dying livestock.

Foreigners are coming to view the heresies,

Long queues to get water, but no luck.

Is this the end?

Or are we close to the day?

Will it make the earth a fiend?

For the sun has paled and gone away.

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