Who The F**k Is CKay?

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When one of the country’s top pop culture

critics calls you out in such an unabashed

manner, it must cause one to chafe a little;

Osagie Alonge aka “ Osagz” posed ‘the question’

to Chocolate City head honcho, Jude Abaga,

AKA M.I. on the nation’s top podcast last

week. CKay Yo, the 19 year old from Croc City,

found his viability as an artist front and centre

of social media discussion for a couple of days.

He’s not as wet behind the ear as the question

suggests having already had production credits

on Chocolate City’s posse album and writing

the chorus on one of its standout joints, 3

Mainland Bridge.

Who The F**k Is CKay is the answer. The

mixtape is 6 cuts deeps, which he sings almost

exclusively in pidgin with a smattering of Igbo

and the obligatory Yoruba word interspersed

between typical Nigerian pop lyrics. One might

have feared that having felt the extraordinary

pressure Alonge’s question placed on him,

propelled by a bruised ego, he’d rush out a

subpar project. On the contrary, this self-

written, composed and largely self-produced

(Tempoe co-produced two joints) tape serves

as a worthy introduction. He probably

wanted the release differently, on his own

schedule but the iron was hot and deserved to

be struck. A minor downside, Who The…. has no

umbrella theme, the tape itself doesn’t answer

‘the question’ literally. It is more of a chest

thumping ‘how dare you doubt me’ exercise but

given the circumstances of its release, that can

be forgiven.

For a rushed to release project, it holds its own.

Some of the tape’s highlights are I’m Single

(Alleluya) – A dope, up-tempo number. Its call

and response chorus make it social media

compliant, club and radio ready. Then there’s

African Woman. This joint is a delight,

production wise especially – leaning on a mid-

tempo dancehall bass with a sampling of Fela’s

‘Lady’ which he makes work beautifully.

‘The question’ as opposed to being seen as an

insult should instead be viewed as a challenge.

Does CKay do enough on this mixtape to shut

mouths? As a producer, the tape gives an

insight into just how talented he is – the last

3/4 songs, particularly African Woman, belie his

age. He’s 19 years old, in the middle of a shift

happening in Nigerian music but he can’t avoid

the age old quandary of trying to do what radio

wants hence the misstep that is Winner . He

should leave this sound alone, it’s passé and

detracts from his obvious talent. He features a

bonafide member of the new wave, Bella Alubo,

on Chinekeme co-produced by Tempoe. If the

confidence he delivers his lyrics with comes

through visually, this might be a winner but one

suspects he’s only testing the waters. He’s got

the requisite skills to make it all work should he

want to give the wave a proper try. He looks

good, is quad lingual and young enough that he

can avoid boxing himself in.

He’s shown a hint of what he’s capable of and

it behoves him to avoid predictability – the field

is too packed to sound just like everyone else

and it is not quite obvious if he’s a ‘good

vocalist’ – He’s clearly adequate and none of

the songs on the tape require more than which

he delivered but it’d be interesting to see him

leave his vocal comfort zone sometime in the


Interest in his craft is at an all-time high right

now and it is ultimately up to him to ensure

“the question” is never asked again. This tape

is a good starting point.

Top joints – I’m Single , African Woman,

Chinekeme .

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